The Top 7 signs you have a danceFIT addiction.

It started innocently enough. You kept hearing about how danceFIT was so much FUN and such a GREAT WORKOUT for your body and brain. You regularly saw people at your gym post-class glowing with sweat and smiles. They all seemed so friendly. One day the instructor catches your eye, does a little shimmy, and says “You should join us for a class!” So you do. It seemed harmless enough.

However there are hidden dangers that nobody warns you about. The truth is – danceFIT is highly addictive! Here are the top seven signs you- or someone you know- has a danceFIT addiction.

  1. You start dancing in public. Elevators, grocery aisles, the coffee shop. Not only do you bust out booty moves, you’re not even be embarrassed by it.
  2. Your social calendar is full. Invites to post-class dinners, theme parties, weekend hikes, even the occasional movie musical… forcing you to find time for new friends and new experiences.
  3. You need a new wardrobe. Along with the slimming sweat-fest calorie burn, dance workouts improve postural awareness and have you standing taller. Your clothes from the slouching days just don’t fit the same.
  4. Your new wardrobe consists largely of lycra. You might also start wearing leg warmers and look for any excuse you can to wear a tutu.
  5. You stop demanding perfection. Zig when everyone else zagged? In a choreography-based class it is common to miss a move. Nobody cares, including you. This relaxed temperament begins to seep into your non-dancefloor life as well.
  6. You use the word shimmy at least once a day.You have different shimmy style’s depending on the music and your mood. In extreme cases, the shimmy is used a greeting to fellow classmates.
  7. You are sexy and you know it. This may be the most addictive part of danceFIT. Studies are unclear as to the exact cause of the sexified self… whether it’s the boosted serotonin levels, or the increase in life energy, or the sculpted plie booty, or the improvements in cardio, core strength, flexibility and coordination. However ALL danceFIT addicts report feelings of loving their bodies more!

Does this sound familiar? Are you a danceFIT addict? Do you know of other tell-tale signs of a danceFIT addiction that are missing from this list?

5 Replies to “The Top 7 signs you have a danceFIT addiction.”

  1. LMAO – I definitely Zig when everyone else Zags – now if I can let the “I don’t care” part of it permeate the rest of my life!

  2. All your friends know you’re not available after work on Mondays, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s!!!!

  3. All 7 checks for me! And proud to admit I’m the DanceFit addict.

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