Healthy Habits… even on your Summer Holidays!

Satisfying slumbers in a big hotel bed, pulp fiction marathons paired with margaritas at the beach, decadent dinners followed by the must-try dessert. The stuff that lazy days of summer are made of and made for! Just don’t use it as an excuse to over-indulge and ignore your long-term health goals.

Summer holidays should be a time of relaxation and a break from your routine…. not a break from your good habits.

I can tell you how you easy it to travel with a resistance tube, use the hotel gym, or parkour on a park bench. It is easy. Well, except maybe for the parkour part. I’ve designed tons of power-packed portable travel routines for clients and there’s a wealth available online. The thing is you still have to actually do it, not just say you’re going to. For most people, finding the motivation to workout while on holidays is hard.

That being said… maybe it is easy for you. Are you that rare breed that wakes before the alarm and runs a daily 10K at dawn? Knows how to order salad in seven languages? Only stays at a hotel sporting a full fitness centre and pool? Gold star for you! For the rest of us that “forgot” to pack the fitbit… here are simple ways to stay on track while off your home’s buff and beaten one.

Commit to moving everyday. All you need is 30 minutes of moderate activity per day. This can even be broken into three 10 minute chunks. Reading ‘The Girl On The Train’ by the pool? Pop in for cooling laps or even lap the pool deck at every chapter cliffhanger!

Plan active activities. Hiking the volcano or eight hours in a kayak not your scene? Grab a local map and go exploring on foot! Visit sprawling sites like ornamental gardens. Opt for the bike tour over the air-conditioned van. Try a dance class before dinner!  If you build the activity into your entertainment you’re more likely to do it and enjoy it.

Stock up on healthy snacks. Find a farmer’s market or grocery store and load up on the good-for-you stuff. Drinking lots of water and eating small snacks throughout the day will make you less inclined to order fries with that shake… or make mountains out of all three main meals.

Sleep in or take naps. Getting adequate rest improves your mood, increases your energy, and contributes to glowing skin. Guess what? So does getting some action while you’re at it! Research has also linked sex with lowered blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease. Although how many calories sex actually burns is up for debate. Incentive to remember the fitbit and do the research for yourself!

Appreciate every moment. You are on holidays after all! Don’t deny yourself the the experiences you desire, just be savvy about what you savour. In my classes we talk about about the IT-ness of fitness. It’s the same concept. In fact, the origin of the word holiday is holy day. Treat it as such when you treat yourself!

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