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Barre Star

Plie & pulse your way to a taller & more toned self at this dance-inspired barre & balance class. Improve posture, strength, endurance, coordination … the list goes on!


Increase the FUN in your fitness at this choreographed 360° cardio-dance workout. Improve your cardio capacity, core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility & exercise attitude.

DanceFit PLUS

This is IT- more sweat, more stretch & more sass! 40 minutes of energizing cardio-dance, 6 weeks of progressive choreography & a longer stretch. Work IT while you work OUT!

Restorative Core

Work, play & rest! Start with moves on the mat to increase core stability & overall mobility, finish with active stretching techniques paired with recharging Restorative Yoga poses.


Sculpt & tone from H to T with movement to music. This functional strength training class focuses on muscular endurance & stabilization using free weights & your own body weight.

The BL Experience

Get it all in one class! A full-body workout combining traditional ballet moves with resistance exercises, plus a strengthening/lengthening core & stretch section.

Total Barre

Plie & pulse your way to a taller & more toned self. Using light weights & fitness balls, this class is designed to improve posture, strength & stamina. No experience needed.