Live classes online & in-studio!

Mondays on Zoom

  • Core & Stretch 4:30pm
  • DanceFit 5:15pm
  • Sculpt 6:00pm

Tuesdays at the YWCA 

  • DanceFit 5:15pm

Wednesdays at the YWCA

  • DanceFit 12:00pm

Wednesdays on Zoom

  • Barre Star: 4:30pm
  • DanceFit 5:15pm
  • Core & Stretch 6pm 

Thursdays at the YWCA

  • DanceFit 5:15pm

Class Descriptions…

Barre Star

Plie & pulse your way to a taller & more toned self using light weights & intentional reps. Improve posture, strength, endurance, coordination … burn baby burn!

Core & Stretch

Work, play & rest! Start with moves on the mat to increase core stability & overall mobility, practice active flexibility & finish with a relaxing, recharging stretch.


Increase the FUN in your fitness at this choreographed 360° cardio-dance workout. Improve your cardio capacity, core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility & MOOD.


Sculpt & tone from H to T.  Work more muscles in less time with total body combination exercises. Arms, legs, core & balance! Dumbbells and a great playlist to make this movement to music class fun & effective.

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