f.a.q. for online classes

How do I register for your online classes?

Choose the date, time & style of class you’d like to attend. Email joh@theitfactor.ca to with your choices to register.

What happens after I send my initial registration email ? 

Within 24 hours you will receive a waiver in your inbox. You need to sign it and email it back. You only need to to do this once.

You will also receive an email with a link for the class you are registered in. Each class has a separate link and will arrive in a separate email.

What technology do I need for your online classes? 

You will need to download Zoom to your device. You can use a smart phone or laptop. If you are using a smart phone you will also need to download the appropriate android/iPhone app.

How do I get the best audio?

You will need to investigate with your personal set-up and available options. I suggest choosing Internet as your audio setting. Wear bluetooth headphones, or use an external speaker, if you have either. Always keep your mic muted during the class.

What if I don’t want to use Zoom, can I still participate?

No. The live online classes are hosted on the Zoom platform. You can do these pre-recorded videos as your alternative. The YWCA Facebook page also has a mix of my DanceFit & Barre Star pre-recorded videos.

Do I need any fitness equipment?

For Barre Star you need light weights, and something to use as your barre.

For the Core & Stretch class you may want to use a mat.

For DanceFit you do not need any equipment, perhaps a bit more room to move.

For Sculpt you need weights, ideally a set of 5lb or 6lb, if you have them.

What if I don’t have weights, or a mat, or a ballet barre? Will I still get a workout?

Yes, you bet! You can work IT, even with no equipment. Focus on posture & engagement for extra core & balance. You can also plan in advance, and get creative with your space.

Try a using a chair, a counter-top or a wall as a barre.

Try soup cans, full water bottles or hard-cover books as weights.

Try a towel or blanket as a mat. Or, use the towel as a pillow for your head or knees.

How long are the classes? What time can I sign in to the zoom room?

Each class is 30 minutes in length. The zoom room will open five minutes before the scheduled start time. The class will start as scheduled, barring any technical issues.

What if I am late for the class, can I still attend?

It is not disruptive to join the class late, as your microphone will be muted. However, please keep in mind that the classes are only 30 minutes in length and you must do a proper 3 to 5 minute warm-up for the style of class you are attending.

What if I want to invite my friend, can I send them the link to the class?

To invite friends please have them email joh@theitfactor.ca to register. They will need to sign the waiver before joining the class. This also allows me to keep track of how many and who for each class.

What if I still have questions?

If you have more questions about the online classes please email joh@theitfactor.ca. If you have specific questions about using Zoom many can be answered here.