f.a.q. for online & outdoor classes

What is the cost to take a class?

Zoom classes are part of the $20 monthly IT LIST membership.

Outdoor classes are a $10 drop-in.

The YWCA has pricing options. Check their website for details.

How long are the classes? 

Outdoor classes are 60 minutes.

Website classes are 20 minutes. Do as many as you want!

YWCA Studio classes are 45 minutes.

Zoom classes are 30 minutes in length. Double up, or triple up!

Do I need any fitness equipment?

Mat- CardioCore & Core & Stretch

Light Weights- Barre Star

Medium Weights- Sculpt

Don’t have equipment? Get creative! Every movement counts.

How do I sign up for an Outdoor CardioCore FIT class?

These classes are so fun & so fresh! Email joh@theitfactor.ca to register for the time/date of the class you want. You will need to sign an e-waiver before participating.

I am interested in the online classes. What happens after I purchase my IT LIST membership ? 

Within 24 hours you will receive a waiver in your inbox. You need to sign it and email it back. You only need to to do this once.

You will also receive an email with information about the all the classes & passwords.

Then, watch for more innovative content from the IT LIST on managing your stress, boosting your mood, and perfecting your posture. Yup. You’re worth IT!

What technology do I need for your live online classes? 

You will need to download Zoom to your device. You can use a smart phone or laptop. If you are using a smart phone you will also need to download the appropriate android/iPhone app.

What if I don’t want to use Zoom, can I still participate?

The live online classes are hosted on the Zoom platform. You can do the pre-recorded videos zoom-free if you have an IT LIST membership. Or you can sign up for outdoor classes!

What if I want to invite my friend, can I send them the link to the class? Or bring them to the outdoor class with me?

To invite friends please have them email joh@theitfactor.ca to register. They will need to sign the waiver before joining the class. This also allows me to keep track of how many and who for each class & keep track of payments. Please do not share links with non-members.

Why did things change? I thought the online classes were free?

You are correct. For three months I offered free live Zoom classes twice a day, 4 days a week. I have always kept my video content free on this website, until now. I’m moving forward to balance my costs with my love of sharing fitness with you. For just $5 a week you can still have it all!

What if I still have questions? Or feedback?

If you have more questions, or feedback on how I can improve your experience, please email joh@theitfactor.ca. Or just email to say hello. I love hearing from you!