class descriptions

Barre Star

Plie and pulse your way to a taller and more toned self. This unique total body barre & balance class is designed to improve posture, poise, strength and s’ass. No experience needed. Please go barefoot or wear barre socks.


Sculpt and tone from H to T. This functional strength training class focuses on muscular endurance and stabilization using a variety of equipment, including free weights, resistance tubing, body balls and your own body weight.


It is ON! The Friday Night Booty Call brings the A-game to your B-side. 30 minute super sweaty dance-cardio section,  glute focused floor work & a s’assy cool down.


Increase the FUN in your fitness! Fun moves & fun music equals a fit body at this choreographed 360° dance-cardio workout. Improve your cardio endurance, core strength, coordination, flexibility & exercise attitude.

Restorative Core

Utilizing the fundamentals of Restorative Yoga, this core strengthening class incorporates relaxing and regenerating yoga poses. From hard core to the ultimate chill.

Work It

This is IT- more sweat, more strength, and more sass! This format combines 30 minutes of cardio-core interval training with progressive choreography, and a deep stretch. Work IT while you work OUT!