fitness training

Let me help you find your IT factor!

Integrated Training + Inspired Time

Areas of Expertise

  • Functional Fitness – with a big dose of fun
  • Motivation & Accountability- with a focus on self care ❤
  • Sculpting & Strengthening- improve your endurance and ability
  • Posture & Injury Prevention – ask about my 4 Steps to Synergy Package
  • Flexibility & Stress Relief – sign up for Socially Distanced Stretch Sessions 

Every training session is designed for real life –specific to your unique physical needs and overall fitness goals. Combining fun with function, stability with mobility, sweat with strength. Every movement, and every moment matters.

Stand taller, move better, and feel CONFIDENT while you achieve your fitness goals! The IT factor isn’t just a bonus- it is a necessity to help create lasting change.

Pricing & Booking

Sessions held outdoors at Sunset Beach Park, or at the YWCA Health & Fitness Centre. Arrange your sessions directly via email at

  • Individual Training Sessions – $70 per person
  • Partner Training Sessions – $45 per person


Through working with Johanna, I have learned that fitness is not just about physical health. She has taught me the importance of listening to myself, believing in my abilities and saying thank you to my body. She is able to adapt our sessions to fit with my fitness goals and uses her compassion to push my limits (but not overdo it), so I leave feeling challenged, yet successful. 

– Hope

This time…. IT is all about YOU.