stretch sessions

Let me help you find your FLEX factor!

Flexibility Training + Inspired Time

Take your flexibility to the next level of release and relaxation with socially distanced stretch sessions. Try myofascial rolling, learn PNF and other research-based stretching techniques. You will feel the benefits in your body, mind and mood.

Why, How & What

  • Stretch sessions are ideal for those desiring deep relaxation, release from stress, and enhanced flexibility.
  • Gentle pressure and compression are used to relax tense muscles and calm the nervous system.
  • Focused stretching can adjust the skeletal structure, increases flexibility and restores movement.

Pricing & Booking 

Socially Distanced Stretch Special

Buy a 3 session stretch package & get a 4th session FREE

YWCA Members $210 (+tax) / Non Members $234 (+tax).

Sessions are 45 minutes in length. Sessions currently available outdoors in Vancouver’s West End, or at the YWCA Health & Fitness Centre. Book directly via email at

Assisted Stretch - pink mat -4 MP Copy

This photo was taken before Covid-19. Current stretch sessions will be physically distanced and adhere 100% to all current safety measures.