what people are saying

about the live online classes

“Thank you for motivating me to move and dance and smile during these weird times we’re in :)”

“You definitely make a difference to us amid this strange time.  I think I would be very depressed without your online sessions!  So THANK YOU!”

“This week was the first time since September 2018 that I went back to my regular gym routine.  It’s amazing the amount of ways it improved my week; I had more energy, better mood, my body feels tighter, plus it’s invigorating to see everyone and move together, and have a bit of a schedule to the day.  Whew – not bad, hey?”

“Thank you so much for doing these classes. I’ve been putting in such long hours with work and barely moving throughout the day, so this has been totally awesome!!!”

about the pre-recorded videos

“Thanks for the Barre Star workout – kind of fell off my workout plan last week and just couldn’t get moving and motivated (although I did go out for walks) but happy to report that I’m back on track again this week. Thanks again (and loved your little curtsy at the end of the workout!)”

“I just wanted to tell you what an impact you (your video) made on me today. The last month or so I have not been coping with all these changes in the best way I normally do. I was sad and stuck in a rut.  I tried some online work out classes I found on Instagram but they were not for me. I’ve been eating my sorrows and put on 10 lbs of sadness! Then today I was going through my phone and read your email again and decided to try your online dance fit work out. I cannot describe how it made me feel. I actually kept on dancing for 15 minutes more with my music blasted after the workout! Thanks Joh! You made my day and changed it for the better just like you did when I walked into your class in 2007.”

“My last workout I did with you was when my daughter was a toddler before you moved to Vancouver. Monday night we did one of your workouts together. She is twelve and very athletic. The workout was perfect for both of us – she went hard and sweated, I nursed my leg and still sweated a lot. It lifted my heart to workout to your voice and moves and it was so special to do it with my daughter!”